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Disney Tag

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 28, 2015, 11:29 AM
Been a while since I was tagged for something! :iconwiseunicorn: tagged me for this one. And because I'm going to the Lion King broadway tonight, this is probably just going to make me more excited for that. 

1. What are your top 3 favourite Disney movies?
Narrow it down to three?!?! Gosh, make it tough. Okay... Um... Beauty and the Beast.... The Little Mermaid.... and Tarzan. 

2. If you could date any Disney character, who would it be? 
Another tough choice. All those Disney princes are so princely... Cinderella's Prince Charming seems like a pretty nice guy. 

3. Which Disney character do you relate to the most?
Um... Belle... because she likes... books? 

4. Do you remember the first Disney movie you ever saw? 
The first one I ever remember seeing at the theater was Tarzan, but my mom tells me that when I was really little, I'd start crying every time Dumbo ended so she'd have to rewind the tape and start it over again to get me to stop. 

5. If you had to choose one Disney soundtrack to listen to for hours on loop, which one would you pick?
Perhaps, Tarzan? (I mean, it already is on my playlist) or maybe Beauty and the Beast or Tangled. 

6. Hug, Marry, Banish from the kingdom (insert three names.)
Hug- Lady from Lady and the Tramp. She looks so fluffy and cuddly.
Marry- Prince Charming again. Seems like a nice guy. 
Banish- Those pink elephants on parade from Dumbo. I remember those scaring me as a small child. Them, or Clayton from Tarzan. 

7. What would be your idea for the next Disney movie? 
I swear, the fairy tale "Fairer-than-a-fairy" would make a great Disney movie. Princess saves prince, involves rainbows and monsters and evil fairies, and it already has a cat and dog sidekick built in! 

8. Do you have a least favourite Disney movie? Which one? 
Pft, NO. 

9. Favourite Disney Channel original movie?
Well it doesn't come out until Friday, but that "Descendants" looks like it could be interesting. I mean, it's about the Disney fairy tale characters (and their kids.) Sort of like Disney Ever After High! 

10. Best Disney kiss?
Sleeping Beauty perhaps? Although I do enjoy when Rapunzel dips Eugene or when Kristoff awkwardly asks Anna permission. 

11. Do you have a Disney OTP? 
Max and Roxanne from "A Goofy Movie" I guess? Because she's not mentioned in the sequel, I want to know what happened! 

12. Have you ever been to DisneyLand or DisneyWorld? 
I've been to DisneyWorld twice with my family and DisneyLand once for Band Camp. Both were just the best trips ever. I will go back someday! (Hopefully soon!) 

13. Which Disney character do you look the most like? 
Pumbaa? No, okay... um... I don't really think I look like any of them but... I guess in terms of hair... Belle? Or maybe Ariel's daughter Melody? We also have similar eyebrows.... 

14. <-- Go to this page. What are your thoughts on whatever it is?
Heck yeah, I got the Incredible Hulk! I like the Hulk. He's very awesome and green, and he's got some of the best movie scenes. I also love Bruce Banner. Half the time when I'm watching the cartoons, I wish that the Hulk would power down every so often and be Bruce. He's never Bruce in the cartoons.

15. Do you own any Disney merchandise? 
Oh indeed. I have a plush Kiara (Lion King) and plenty of clothes. Just the other day I bought a Minnie Mouse shirt at the Disney Store in Edmonton. Maybe tonight at the Lion King broadway I'll pick something up too! 

16. Is there any Disney plot you would like to change/tweak? 
No, not really. Except maybe give human Ursula a different name from Vanessa. I do not enjoy sharing a name with a nasty sea witch.

17. This or that? (Give two Disney characters/movies/songs etc.) 
"Be Prepared" or "Poor Unfortunate Souls"

18. Which princess has the best outfit? 
Oh.... Elsa. Love the sparkles. Or Cinderella's dress in the live action one. SOOOO pretty. The lighting made it look like it was practically glowing. (And it was so poofy!)

19. Who's the best sidekick? 
Cinderella's mice and birds! They help her out, make her clothes... 

20. If you could have any Disney animal as a pet, which would you have?
Lady probably, or Oliver and all of his dog pals from Oliver and Company! 

21. How many Disney movies do you own? 
A good majority of them! But they're almost all on VHS tape, so I can't watch them anymore.... Sad sigh...

22. Someone says "Disney sucks!" QUICK, HOW DO YOU RESPOND? 
Give them the worst death glare they'll ever receive, turn on my heel and strut away, never to speak to them again. They're not worth my time. 

23. What is the last Disney movie you watched? How long ago? 
Just two days ago I watched Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas, A Goofy Movie and An Extremely Goofy Movie. Two days before that, I watched The Lion King, Robin Hood, Pinocchio, and Peter Pan. 

24. Which Disney character would you like to have as a best friend? 
Princess Anna. She seems fun to hang out with.

25. Which Disney character would you like to have as a parent? 
Someone who doesn't die...? Okay, Belle and the Beast, because then I could live in that castle with THAT library. 

26. Which Disney character would you like to have as your child? 
Who's well-behaved and not overly troublesome...? Any of the early princesses? 

27. Cutest Disney baby? 
Dumbo. Or Oliver (he's such a cute kitty!) Or maybe Rapunzel.

28. Which Disney songs could you sing by heart?
Anything from Tarzan, or Frozen or The Little Mermaid... "Once Upon A Dream." 

29. Is there a Disney movie that has an especially important meaning or place in your life? 
Not that I can really think of... They're all important to me! 

30. Which Disney land/kingdom would you want to live in? 
Arendelle, I suppose. I melt in any sort of heat. That place seems like I would find it bearable. 

31. Which Disney movie makes you cry the most? 
A Goofy Movie. I mean, it's a "Goofy" movie. It's not supposed to make me sad! But that part with Max and Goofy are arguing on the river...  Or The Lion King. Still not over Mufasa. I haven't seen the Fox and the Hound for a long time, but that one would probably still do it. 

32. Which one makes you laugh the most? 
The Emperor's New Groove. 

33. Do you have a favourite Disney villain? Which one and why? 
Yzma, got to love her plans. Or Scar since he's such a Shakespearian villain! So proper and devious. 

34. If you could put any Disney character into a different Disney movie, which one would you switch? 
Oh... I'd put Ariel in Atlantis: The Lost Empire. She'd have a riot exploring that place! 

35. Have you ever dressed up like a Disney character? 
Oh, you bet! My mom has made me lots of Halloween costumes. Snow White, Princess Aurora, Pocahontas, pirate captain Elizabeth Swann, Winnie the Pooh.... Lots. 

I tag: 
And Anyone Else Who Wants To Bring Some Disney Magic Into Their Day! 

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